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The Yu'vath were a Warp-worshipping xenos species, who built an empire of corrupted humans[2], and were defeated in the Angevin Crusade, together with the Bale Childer, after the homeworlds of both species were destroyed by Exterminatus. They were the last resistance to Imperial rule in the Calyx Expanse, which signaled the end of the Angevin Crusade and the birth of the Calixis Sector.[1]


Prior to the fourth century of the 39th millennium, the Yu'vath were a blight upon the Calyx Expanse, enslaving worlds through the use of vile sorcery. They are known to have expended the lives and souls of corrupted human slaves in order to build the horrors such as the Calyx Hell Worlds. During the Angevin Crusade, the warp-ridden Yu'vath with their tormented slaves armies were sent to battle the Imperial Crusade forces and bled them for decades until the xenos' ultimate extinction at the hands of General Drusus and the Adeptus Astartes.[3] In the aftermath of the Angevin Crusade, the Yu'vath, alongside the remains of their xenos slave armies, as well as their techno-warp constructs, were scattered. These weapons of war were broken and dying across the Expanse, all of which serve as grim reminders of this dark empire that are hidden in the shadowy corners of the void and are seemingly lost forever.[4a]


The starships of the Yu'vath are made of incomprehensible construction and do not seemingly require the same components as more mundane craft. Their Warp technology utilises components that are not powered in a way that could be understood by humans. Among the components used by their vessels include Gravity Sails that can touch the forces that bind stellar systems together thus allowing the ship to move with agility as well as grace.[4d]

Their space-based weaponry includes Void-skein Rupture Cannons that are both strange yet terrible abominations, though little is truly known of them. They seemingly function by firing munitions through the warp with the warheads only emerging into realspace just before they strike their target. A more dangerous weapon is the Immaterium Energy-Arc that is generated from the core of Yu'vath vessels, from which no armour can defend against their onslaught.[4d] They also utilise Yu'Vath Crystalblades which function as a powerfull force weapon.[6]

Dark-Energy Constructs are one of the weapons used by the Yu'vath that include the Whisperer, Void Wasps and the Dark Lament.[3c] Void Wasps are strange sleep craft that are named due to the sinister amalgamations of black crystal shards that are bound together with pulsating dark energy. These craft moved with bizarre grace and utilized terrible weapons against their targets.[4d]

Shardspiders are another deadly construct, fashioned from bruised purple crystal and are about the size of a large dog. With twelve legs and a tiny central body they scuttle about with alarming speed. Used by the Yu’vath to maintain their structures, they have a set of needle-like mandibles that they can alternatively use to mend broken crystal or plunge into soft flesh.[5]

Bone Wardens were crafted by the Yu'vath primarily to act as watchmen and guardians for their void crypts and solar fortresses. The Bone Warden has no physical form and instead resides in a collective of dead matter, most often corpses or other once living remains. For this reason, many are found in rooms stacked with corpses in order to repair any damage done to them. These corpses are held together by ribbons and arcs of crackling black energy, the air around them charged with constant flashes of midnight electricity and the smell of burning flesh. Acting as a single mass, the corpses form a cloud of grasping, clawing hands and mouths that whirls through the air.[5]

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