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Yusuph Trevar

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Yusuph Trevar is a venerable Ordo Hereticus Psyker Inquisitor, who has used his cunning to defeat the forces of Chaos for centuries.[1]


Relying on methodical trickery as an Inquisitor, he will pragmatically gather information on his foes before making a move against them. When he attacks, Trevar will deploys his wits to outsmart his foes and then annihilate them with arcane sciences and his own immense psychic powers. However, he later made the Acolyte Victoria Aldrich his Interrogator, specifically due to their clashing personalities and tactics when combating the forces of Chaos. She was his perfect counterbalance, as Victoria was known as a zealot who rooted out heretical and daemonic infestations with gusto. Under Trevar's training, however, her enthusiasm was tempered with his cunning and pragmatic planning, which has served Victoria well since she became an Inquisitor herself.[1]

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