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ZFR Horizon Accelerator Engine

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The ZFR Horizon Accelerator Engine is a engine used by the space vessels of the T'au Empire.[1][2]


Following the First Sphere of Expansion, a geological survey uncovered the remains of an alien vessel on the innermost of T'au's moons.[2] The T'au were able to reproduce the ship's Warp Drive, but lacked the necessary Psykers to breach into the Warp.[2] Instead, they began using this warp drive in combination with their existing gravitic drive to partially transition, or "dive", their ships into the void between Materium and the Immaterium.[2] Doing so would lead to the ship ascending back to the Materium at near-Light Speed; "like a ball held under water then released.".[2]

Despite this, they were only 1/5th the speed of typical Imperial warp speeds, and the drives were bulk and used large amounts of power, needing considerable amounts of time between dives to recharge.[2] However, this form of travel did not expose those aboard to the Warp, and travel at a consistent speed compared to the unpredictable effects of Imperial Warp travel.[2]

The development of the ZFR Horizon Accelerator Engines was finalized by members of the Earth Caste of Fal'shia Sept, which facilitated the Second Sphere of Expansion.[1]