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Zachariah Kersh

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Zachariah Kersh is the current Chapter Master of the Excoriators Space Marine Chapter.


Kersh originally held the title of The Scourge, an honorific for the personal champion of the Chapter Master. After succumbing to a crippling metaphysical illness peculiar to the Chapter known as The Darkness, Kersh lost the Chapter standard, the Stigmartyr, and allowed the Alpha Legion to wound and poison his Chapter Master Quesiah Ichabod.[1]

After emerging as the winner of the 816th Feast of Blades tournment, Kersh was made Corpus-Captain of the Fifth company, who were currently at half-strength. Along with a squad of scouts under the command of Squad Whip Keturah, he and the men under his command defended the Cemetery World of Certus-Minor against a Khornate Blood Crusade known as the Cholerclaust. Fighting down to the last man, being Kersh, and believing the world lost to them, Kersh is saved by the appearance of the Legion of the Damned Space Marines, who completely destroy the Cholerclaust and the Chaos influenced comet, the Keeler Comet.[1]

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