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Zagthean, known as Zagthean the Broken, is a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion. He led his Black Legion warband in a fury of violence and excess on the agri world of Valesia. For his own satisfaction, the warlord constructed a vast maze of thorns from the world's rose orchards, blinding his prisoners and loosing them within its tunnels, before hunting them down at his leisure. Countless inhabitants spent their final terrifying hours listening desperately for the sounds of pursuit, their flesh bleeding from dozens of thorn cuts.[1]

Sometime after the 4th Black Crusade, Zaghean pillaged the Helosian in the Agripinaa Sector. Taking the Convent of Alabaster Maidens prisoner, he exposes them to the energies of the warp, triggering their latent psychic gifts. Zagthean then uses warp-tech to fuse the maidens into a single entity, before using the resultant abomination as a living warp portal to unleash a daemonic invasion.[3]

He later was one of the Black Legion commanders in the 13th Black Crusade.[2]