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Zahndrekh(back) and Vargard Obyron

Nemesor Zahndrekh is a Necron Overlord and ruler of the Sautekh Dynasty Tomb World of Gidrim. He has led Gidrim on wars of expansion that have allowed it to incorpate a dozen star systems into its fold and is known as a military genius along the Eastern Fringe.[1]

Yet for all his genius, Zahndrekh does not see reality as it truly is. As a result of damage to his mind during the Great Sleep, he still believes that he is a Necrontyr, working to crush the rebellions of warlords during the Wars of Secession millions of years ago. He does not see his enemies as Orks, Eldar, or Humans, but rather as rebellious fellow Necrontyr attempting to usurp the power of the Triarch. He has a strong sense of honour, refusing to use Deathmarks or Wraith assassins and believes that enemy commanders should be treated as honored captives. As a result of his anachronistic beliefs and questionable grip on reality, many Necron Lords believe it wise to remove him from power. Because of this, he has built up formidable defenses around himself, most notably his personal bodyguard, Vargard Obyron.[1]


Zahndrekh miniature[2]