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Zahndrekh(back) and Varguard Obyron[3]

Zahndrekh is a Necron Nemesor and ruler of the Sautekh Tomb World of Gidrim. He is known as a military genius along the Eastern Fringe.[1][2][3]


Zahndrekh was born into elite echelon of nobility. He had attended one of the Necrontyr's most celebrated military academies, where he met his close confidant and rival Setekh. It was there that he spent what he considers the best days of his life. After winning his commission, he was given an army and sent off to fight separatists in Yama during the Wars of Secession. Varguard Obyron, already a veteran, was assigned to him during this time. As a reward for his triumph in Yama, he was given the world of Gidrim.[4b]

The Great Sleep damaged Zahndrekh's mind. Despite evidence that proves otherwise, he believes that he is still a Necrontyr of flesh and bone working to crush the rebellions of the Wars of Secession millions of years ago[2][3]. He does not see his enemies as Orks, Eldar, or Humans, but rather as rebellious fellow Necrontyr attempting to usurp the power of the Triarch.[1]

He has a strong sense of honour. Evidence of this is the phrase "Will without honour is nothing", which is attributed to him[4a]. In battle against an honoured foe, he is against using any sort of assassins, such as Wraiths[3] and Deathmarks[3][4c]. He believes that enemy commanders should be captured rather than killed[2][3], treating them as respected Necrontyr leaders.[3]

As a result of his anachronistic beliefs and questionable grip on reality, many Necron Lords, most notably those of his own Royal Court[3], believe it wise to remove him from power. Because of this, he has built up formidable defenses around himself. In particular, Vargard Obyron has been serving him as his personal bodyguard[1].

By his campaigns, Gidrim rose from a small and insignificant planet on the fringes of the galaxy[2], to the iron-handed governance of a dozen star systems. [1][2][3] It is said that few Nemesors are as lauded for their military strategy as Zahndrekh. A near peerless tactician, his battlefield acumen has won countless wars for the Necrons of the Sautekh Dynasty.[5]


In battle, Zahndrekh wields a Staff of Light[3] identical to Nemesor Setekh's, save for the green light blazing from its power core, in contrast to Setekh’s blue.[4c] He also wields a Phase Shifter.[3]


Zahndrekh miniature[2]


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