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Overlord Zarathusa

Zarathusa, otherwise known as Zarathusa the Ineffable, is a Necron Overlord of the Mephrit Dynasty and ruler of Perdita in the Cryptus System. Once, the Mephrit dynasty had greatly prized the Perditan solar relay, a starfactory that provided energy for dozens of Necrontyr systems and worlds. The ruler of the system was known as Zarathusa the Firesworn, the last in a long line of keepers of the Starflame, the vast solar mirror that captured the light of the system’s twin suns. Though Zarathusa saw himself as lord of the stars, and his role as one of the most important in his dynasty, his peers considered him something of a caretaker.[1]

When the War in Heaven threatened to destroy the Necrontyr, Zarathusa and his citizens abandoned the inner worlds of their system, leaving only the solar mirror intact, ready for the time when they would return. For millions of years Zarathusa slumbered, until the coming of the Tyranids. When he awoke it was to a galaxy changed almost beyond recognition. Despicable primitives had overrun his precious system and defiled his solar mirror, while his own people were divided and broken. Zarathusa himself had not escaped the long sleep unscathed, and his own delusions of grandeur had become magnified. Taking the title ‘the Ineffable’, he set about reclaiming his system from savages and aliens alike.[1]

He later fought against the Tyranids in the Cryptus Campaign.[1]

Zarathusa is now among the ambitious Mephrit Dynasty nobles who are striving to become the ruler of its forces. Each noble is trying to prove their supremacy to their Dynasty through military victories and deeds of grandeur. In truth, however, the first to reclaim the Mephrit Dynasty's ability to murder stars, will surely reign supreme. It is for this reasons, that several contenders have now turned to the Technomandrites for aid.[2]

Zarathusa is said to be a detractor of the returned Silent King Szarekh.[2a]