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Zhadsnark riding 'Da Beast'[1]

Zhadsnark, also known as Da Rippa, is a notorious Ork Biker Boy and Speed Freak, one of the most powerful warbosses of Waaagh! Garaghak.[1]


A battle-hardened Warboss of the Evil Sunz Clan, Zhadsnark leads a warband of Warbikes, Wartraks, and Trukk-mounted Boyz. He has taken part in numerous raids in Segmentum Tempestus and believes that the best approach is the direct approach. As a result, the Warboss is prone to simply assault his enemy head-on and smash them to bits. As a Warboss of 'da old skool', Zhadsnark distrusts 'clever gitz' like Painboyz and Weirdboyz as well as complex technology offered by Big Meks.[1]

Zhadsnark and his Boyz would take part in the Waaagh! Garaghak, and fought against Elysian Imperial Guard forces in their raid on the world of Kastorel-Novem.[1]

Zhadsnark rides his own huge 'kustom' warbike known as 'Da Beast'. Only a massive Warboss could hope to ride and control this monstrous vehicle, which is armed to the teeth with Skorchas and Big Shootas. In addition, the Warboss carries a huge spinning Power Blade known as 'Da Rippa'. The blade is rigged to his left arm.[1]

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