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Zhebdek Abaddas

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Zhebdek Abaddas was a Captain in the Dark Angels Legion and during the Great Crusade


Zhebdek Abaddas Company was dispatched to a Death World to recover a STC from a crashed Imperial Navy ship. However, the Death World was home to creatures who were nearly impervious to harm and could crush Legionary armour like eggshells. In a desperate attempt to fulfill their mission the remnants of the Company sacrificed themselves to hold off the creatures long enough for Abaddas and Sergeant Abdaziel Magron to reach the ship and escape with the STC. Sometime later though, Abaddas became one of the many Dark Angels that their Primarch Lion El'Jonson sent back to their Homeworld Caliban[1a]. Once there, he later fell under the sway of Caliban's defender Lord Commander Luther, who led these resentful Dark Angels into turning upon the Imperium. This later led to them firing upon their Primarch Lion El'Jonson's forces when they returned to Caliban and in the battle that followed, the Dark Angels' Homeworld was destroyed. Abaddas and those Dark Angels that followed Luther however, were pulled into the Warp by the Chaos Gods and the former Captain emerged sometime later within the Eye of Terror. Now regarded as a Fallen Angel, Abaddas became a mercenary and served in various Chaos Warbands, as well as embracing the aspect of Chaos Undivided. Eventually Abaddas form his own warband, though it mainly consisted of Humans that he ruled over on the Daemon World Rhodonius 428571429, which served as his domain. In late M41 however, Rhodonius 428571429 and the Rose Cluster of worlds it was based in, were invaded by a massive wave of Chaos forces loyal to Khorne.[1b]

When Khorne's forces invaded his domain, Abaddas led his warband against them, but they were no match for the invaders' numbers and were forced to retreat. As he saw more forces loyal to the Blood God invaded his adopted home, Abaddas knew his Warband could not prevail and began to make preparations to escape alone aboard his spaceship. It was at that time though, that members of his Warband informed him, that they had found a Space Marine that had just fallen on the Daemon World{{Fn|1b}. When Abaddas reached the Space Marine however, he was shocked to see that it was Sergeant Abdaziel Magron, who had last seen during the Great Crusade. The former Captain soon became elated, as the Chaos Gods had seen fit to deliver to him a Legionary Dark Angel, as Abaddas had not encountered another from that era during his time within the Eye of Terror. Abaddas then immediately helped Magron out of his coma, but the Sergeant, who had been left stranded in space[1a] following a space battle with the World Eaters Legion[1c], was unaware that ten millennia had passed or that the Imperium had defeated the Traitor Legions during the Horus Heresy. Once Abaddas learned of this, he decided to lie to Magron in order to ensure the Sergeant would join him in the worship of Chaos. The former Captain then proceeded to claim that two hundred years ago, Horus' rebellion against the Imperium had succeeded and the Warmaster had killed the Emperor; though Horus later died from the injuries he had earned in the battle with his Father. Abaddas then finished by telling Magron, that their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, also died in the Heresy and Daemons now ruled the galaxy, which had allowed Mankind to have a better future. Though this news shocked Magron to his core, the Sergeant had little reason not to trust Abaddas and soon began to believe every word the former Captain said.[1a]

Now that he had gained the Sergeant's confidence, Abaddas took Magron aboard his nearby spaceship and escaped from Rhodonius 428571429, as it began to be swarmed by Khorne's forces. Though he had just abandoned his Warband and domain to the invaders, Abaddas still had a desire to defend the Rose Cluster and landed on another invaded Cluster world, which was being attacked by an Alpha Legion Warband allied with Khorne's forces. The former Captain then convinced Magron to defend the invaded world against the Alpha Legion[1a] and in the battle that followed, Abaddas constantly suggested that Magron should draw upon the Chaos Gods to give the Sergeant the strength to fight against the invaders. Magron at first reluctantly did so, but when the Sergeant began to be infused with the powers of the Warp, he began to readily call upon the Chaos Gods, much to Abaddas' satisfaction. Eventually though the battle between the Alpha Legion and the world's defenders ended, when the Lord of Change known as the Great Thinker and the Bloodthirster the Deathbringer appeared. The Great Thinker had created the worlds of the Rose Cluster and stated he had entered in a partnership with the Deathbringer, to begin a grand project that would aid them in an upcoming battle. In order to complete it though, the Lord of Change needed the population of the Rose Cluster and used its powers to cause them to disappear. Soon only Chaos Marines remained on the world where Magron and Abaddas had been fighting and the Alpha Legion Warband quickly withdrew to their ships and left. With the battle now done, Abaddas revealed to Magron that he had brought the Sergeant to meet a Word Bearers Dark Apostle, who would help the Sergeant solidify his faith in the Chaos Gods. More specifically Khorne, as the Blood God was a perfect match for Magron's warrior spirit and had begun to mark the Sergeant. Now trusting his former Captain completely Magron agreed and followed Abaddas, but on their way to the Dark Apostle[1d], they encountered the Rogue Trader Maynard Rugolo and his Navigator Pelor Calliden being attacked by the Slaanesh Cultist Aegelica. Aegelica was possessed by a Daemonette and the Daemon had mutated her body to kill Rugolo and Calliden when the Navigator spotted the two Dark Angels and pleaded with for help. After hearing this the Daemonette turned to Magron and Abaddas and pointed at Magron saying he was marked by Khorne and was its enemy. Abaddas threatened the Daemon, to stay away from Magron as he belived the Sergeant's lay in becoming a Khorne Daemon Prince. Hearing this enraged the Daemon and it suddenly erupted from Aegelica and escaped, claiming it was needed elsewhere and left the Slaanesh Cultist a withered corpse.[1e]

Afterwards Abaddas quickly told Magron they had to move on, though Magron had wanted to further help the seemingly lost Rogue Trader and Navigator. The two Dark Angels were soon before the Dark Apostle, Abaddas convinced the Sergeant to dedicate himself to the Blood God. Magron agreed and after the Dark Apostle said a prayer asking for the Khorne's benediction, the Sergeant was infused with rage and his power armour now bore the emblem of the Blood God. The Dark Apostle then asked Magron to formally renounce the Emperor and embrace Khorne, but just as Magron was about to, the Rogue Trader and Navigator they had encountered before appeared before them. The two had followed the Dark Angels, in order to ask for their help in escaping the Eye of Terror, when they heard the Dark Apostle ask Magron to renounce the Emperor. This outraged the Navigator Calliden, who asked Magron where was his loyalty to the Emperor and when Magron replied with the lies Abaddas had told him, the Navigator claimed that the Emperor still lived and they were in the 41st Millennium. Hearing this lifted a veil from Magron's eyes and he turned to Abaddas and asked the former Captain for the truth. After seeing the expression on Magron's face, Abaddas realized that any hope he had to turn to turn the Sergeant to the worship of Khorne was now gone and told Magron he had just robbed himself of eternal life and glory. The former Captain then pulled his weapons on Magron and the Sergeant pulled his in return, while exclaiming he would not forsake the Emperor and after a short duel, the former Captain was struck down by Magron. Though Abaddas still lived, he did not resist as Magron asked for his forgiveness before devouring the Fallen Angel's brain and soon learned that everything Abaddas had told the Sergeant had been a lie.[1e]

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