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Zhemon was a Dark Angels Fallen Angel and eventual Chaos Lord active in the 400's.M37. In an act of vengeance against his former Imperial masters he established a significant empire of anarchy and terror on the Eastern Fringes. This eventually brought him into conflict with both the Imperium and the Eldar Craftworld of Iyanden, the latter of which was fearful about his spreading of Chaos across human worlds. After an extended campaign across many worlds culminating in fierce battle on Ishata in which Zhemon, his bodyguards, and his Maulerfiends were cornered, the Chaos Lord was captured by the Eldar. However the Dark Angels demanded Zhemon be put into their custody, and after the Iyanden Farseers foresaw that the Fallen Angel would suffer far more in his former brothers hands then their own, agreed to transfer Zhemon to Dark Angels hands.[1]