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Ancient Zorael is a Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought and one of the oldest in the Chapter.


Before his internment he served in the Chapter's First Company, before he was mortally wounded in battle and afterwards was rewarded for his valour and skill by being placed within a Dreadnought. Now centuries later, Zorael continues to fight for the First Company, now under Space Marine Captain Karlaen's command, and his fury has not been diminished by the march of time.[1]

He was later part of his Company's forces that took part in the Diamor Campaign, where he aided Karlaen in the destruction of the Daemon Engine factory Hex Infernium, on Ioline[2a] and in defeating the Black Legion, during the campaign's final battle on Amethal.[2b]

Canon Conflict

While Chapter 2 of the Black Crusade: Angel's Blade states Zorael took part in the Diamor Campaign[2a], Chapter 2 of the Dante (Novel), claims he took part in the Cryptus Campaign[3]. Both campaigns however took place at roughly the same time.[2a][3]

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