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Am-heht, the Warlock of Carnotite, is a powerful Necron Cryptek, who rules the Crownworld Carnotite.[1c]


They came to power, during the Necrons' War in Heaven[1a] where Am-heht led a wandering conclave of Cryptek scholars[1b] composed of their disciples Mentep, Dagon and Khertykh[1c]. While the conclave all practiced the art of the Psychomancer, they sought to bring together all of the Cryptek disciplines through the mastery of the Necrons' mind. The conclave believed that if the conclave achieve their goal, then the disciplines could be combined into a single controllable art. The will power to do so, would result in giving the conclave mastery over the essence of reality itself[1b]. The Crypteks searched for resources to aid them in their quest and thanks to Mentep's efforts they became patrons of the Nuthyan Dynasty. After establishing themselves on Nuthyan's Crownworld, Carnotite, the conclave's work began to increase the wealth of the Dynasty's Phaeron, Weret-segh[1c]. They also came closer to reaching their goal, which led the conclave to discover and gain access to the Ghostwind dimension.[1d]

They would all, though, begin to commit horrible actions in pursuit of achieving their goal[1a]. However while the disciples sought to master the depths of the Necron mind, to aid in ensuring the well being of their race, Am-heht's goals were very different. The conclave's leader was talented beyond measure, but also ambitious beyond caution. They sought to break the limits of what the Necrons thought was possible, for no reason other than the pleasure of doing so. To them the conclave's goal would achieve this and on Carnotite, Am-heht began a journey to the fevered depths of reason itself. In such a place, the distinctions as space, time, energy and matter became meaningless and caused Am-heht to become something else. They became more powerful afterwards afterwards, but Am-heht's disciples soon discovered that a madness began to overtake their leader[1b]. Am-heht became driven to conduct a grand experiment using the Crownworld itself and used their power to gain control of the Dynasty's resources. This was not enough for Am-heht to achieve their goal and soon the population of Carnotite became their puppets. The depravity of Am-heht's actions and their experiments would cause the conclave to shatter. One by one each of Am-heht's disciples would leave Carnotite in disgust of their leader and themselves. Each would then strike out on their own[1c], to continue their research[1d], with Mentep leaving after being unable to convince Am-heht to free the Crownworld's population. Am-heht had refused, as they needed Carnotite's Necrons for their experiments. However they would not give Mentep permission to leave, until he performed one last task. This was to convert Carnotite's Phaeron Weret-segh into a Cryptothrall that was slaved to Am-heht's will. Mentep would do so, but upon leaving the guilt he felt for aiding the conclave, caused him to delete his memories. Also any feelings of love Mentep once held for his former mentor, had now been replaced with nothing but hatred. Meanwhile with Carnotite fully under Am-heht's control, the Nuthyan Dynasty disappeared from the Necrons' history, and the Crownworld was dramatically changed to better suit the needs of their experiment.[1c]

Millennia later, Mentep would return to Carnotite with the Ithakas Dynasty's Phaeron Oltyx. While Mentep still held hatred for Am-heht, he hoped his former mentor would help save what remained of Oltyx's Dynasty. Ithakas had been struck by the Flayer Virus and had been overrun by an Imperial Crusade. Now Oltyx was seeking to escape the still pursuing Crusade and find a new world to start rebuilding his Dynasty. However while Am-heht agreed to do so, they would not provide direct aid. As the Warlock explained, such measures were too late for the remnants of Ithakas and now only traveling through the Ghostwind dimension would help them. Doing so would solve both of Oltyx's predicaments and ensure the Dynasty's survival. Though Am-heht warned that only Oltyx's strength would determine if Ithakas reached their destination. The Warlock then returned the knowledge to enter the Ghostwind to Mentep, who then placed the protocols to do so into the Dynasty's ships. Afterwards, Am-heht hoped that his former disciple would come to his senses, so that the Warlock could restore Mentep's deleted knowledge to him. If he did, Mentep would be welcomed to stay, an offer Am-heht also extended to his other departed disciples, Dagon and Khertykh. Then the conclave could be reunited and aid Am-heht's experiment which was still ongoing. Mentep looked upon the Warlock with hatred in response, but Am-heht explained they were working on a transcendent grandeur on the Crownworld. The Cryptek refused and stated Am-heht's disciples had rejected the mad Warlock for a reason. The conversation quickly caused Oltyx to end the conversation and the two returned to Ithakas's ships. As they reached space, the Phaeron could see that Am-heht had begun changing Carnotite's surface. Oltyx could see storms were now constantly flickering in patterns across the Crownworld's surface. The Phaeron suddenly felt dread, however, as the patterns looked like nodal arrays in conversation and it impossibly appeared like Carnotite was becoming a massive Necron brain.[1c]