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Necron Cryptothralls[1]

Cryptothralls are long-limbed Necron constructs.[1]


Cryptothralls are all that remains of Necrons badly damaged in battle. While salvaged by their Cryptek masters, their higher cognitive functions are minimal due to the damage they've sustained. Cryptothralls are created when a Cryptek places a parasitic Canoptek construct onto the body of such a heavily damaged Necron, reanimating it and remaking their bodies. While most Necron nobility do not believe any of the former warrior survives within the body, the dark truth is a remnant remains within to silently scream at what they have become.[3]

Used as slaves and bodyguards by Crypteks, Cryptothralls are not truly sentient beings and are instead enslaved to their masters will. They are engrammatically compelled to protect their masters with their Living Metal bodies and fierce short-range weaponry which consists of scything limbs and scouring eyes.[2]

Known Cryptothralls


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