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Assassinorum Temple

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The Assassinorum Temple is a location on Terra. Serving as the headquarters of the Officio Assassinorum, the Assassinorum Temple is home to both the Grand Master of Assassins and a secret vault of forbidden and xenos weaponry. While the Temple serves as the base of the Officio as a whole, at least some of the Clades maintain their own separate headquarters.[3] During The Beheading and the Wars of Vindication, the Temple became a battleground.[1][2]

The Assassinorum Temple is plain and unassuming, resembling any of the many Ecclesiarchy shrines on Terra. Its protected by swarms of artificial psyber-ravens which monitor any incoming aircraft. The building has a dark reputation and aircraft intentionally avoid it.[4] The precise nature of the Assassinorum Temple itself remains a mystery, even to high-level Imperial officials. Some believe that the Temple is a mere front and the real nerve center of the Officio remains elsewhere.[4]