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Deathwatch: Redblade (Short Story)

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Deathwatch: Redblade
Cover art
Author Robbie MacNiven
Publisher Black Library
Preceded by Deathwatch: The Flesh of the Angel
Followed by Deathwatch: Deadhenge
Released October 2015
Collected in Deathwatch: Ignition
Editions October 2015 e-short
ISBN 9781785721700

Deathwatch: Redblade is a short story by Robbie MacNiven. It was published online in October 2015.

Cover Description

In the upper reaches of Theron, vast arco-refineries harvest the volatile atmospheric lightning storms, and it was this that brought the orks. The Space Wolves sent by Kjarl Grimblood to relieve the Adeptus Mechanicus defenders fight valiantly - none more so than the fierce young Blood Claw Drenn - but it is the expertise of the assigned Deathwatch kill-team that promises to turn the greenskin tide. Even so, Drenn's reckless actions once again draw the wrath of his commander, and the self-styled 'Redblade' must pay the price...

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