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Deathwatch: The Silence (Short Story)

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Deathwatch: The Silence
The Silence cover.jpg
Cover art
Author Steve Lyons
Publisher Black Library
Preceded by Deathwatch: City of Ruin
Followed by Deathwatch: The Walker in Fire
Released January 2016
Collected in Deathwatch: Ignition

Deathwatch: The Silence is a short story by Steve Lyons. It was published online in January 2016.

Cover Description

Tracking his prey through the verdant jungle, Edryc Setorax strikes from the shadows like a phantom. Under the command of the xenos-hating Inquisitor Gravelyn, the Raven Guard veteran is scouting the movements and command structure of eldar exodite forces, trying to ascertain what their mysterious goals might be. But by using his own Deathwatch kill team as bait, Setorax stumbles upon a much larger struggle, and realises that his own reputation amongst the eldar has become almost the stuff of alien legend...


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