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Dravian Klayde

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Dravian Klayde

Dravian Klayde, known as "The Carrion", was a member of the Knights-Errant during the Horus Heresy.

A former Sergeant of Raven Guard, he was badly wounded during fighting in the Breg-shei Eradication and had much of his body replaced with Bionics, leading to his nickname "Carrion". Unable to perform normal Space Marine duties, he was instead trained as a Techmarine. He completed his training but was prevented from full graduation to the title by the start of the Schism of Mars.[1]

He ultimately escaped to Terra before being sent back to Mars under Malcador's command. He seemingly died fighting the monstrous corrupted Iron Warrior Aulus Scaramanca during his attempt to destroy Vertex Australis to wipe Mars clean, and he was assumed dead by Malcador.[1]