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Fanatic Online 020-029

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This page is for issues 020 to 029 of Fanatic Online. Fanatic Online is the magazine devoteed to the Specialist Games division of games for Games Workshop. Descriptions are from the official Fanatic Online article descriptions.

Issue: 20

Hired Gun: Preacher

Author: Nick Jakos
Description: “A new Hired Gun for Necromunda.”

Hot-Shots and Head-Shots

Author: Ben Dell
Description: “Clavian pilots, and a look at the planet of Glavia"

New Phenomena

Author: N/A
Description: “Additional ways to populate spacescapes on the tabletop."


Author: Robert Horton
Description: “House rules for making your games even more vicious."

Issue: 21

Stay! There's a Good Boy'

Author: Nick Jakos
Description: “House rules for canines in Necromunda."

White Scars Space Marines

Author: Matt Keefe
Description: “Official Epic army list for the White Scars Space Marines."

Issue: 22

Sector Wars pt1

Author: Andrew J Evans
Description: “First part of a brand new Epic campaign system."

Campaigns of Legend

Author: Ken South
Description: “Recreating famous campaigns from the history of the Warhammer World."

Wyrdstone Inventor

Author: Carl Walmsly
Description: “House rules for using this deranged genius/mad man."

Issue: 23

The Death Bowl

Author: Brian St James
Description: “Report on the last two the Death Bowl tournaments that took place in Montreal."

Sector Wars pt2

Author: Andrew J Evans
Description: “Second part of a new Epic campaign system."

Themed Armies

Author: Ken South
Description: “Short follow-on article from Ken's 'Campaigns of Legend article from issue 22."

Issue: 24

Stubbers for Sale

Author: Nick Jakos
Description: “House rules for traders (not Guilders!) in Necromunda."

Design an Inquisitor

Author: Andy Hall
Description: “A chance to check out the runner up entries to the recent Inquisitor competition."

Issue: 25

Ogre Playbook

Author: James Stewart
Description: “Expert coaching for Ogre teams!"

Fallen Sister

Author: Tom Bell
Description: “House rules for this new Hired Sword."

Inquisitor Villem Quass

Author: Espen Gabrielsen
Description: “At last, the Inquisitor competition winner is revealed."

Issue: 26

Thoughts of a First Time Games Master

Author: Ruaridh Dall
Description: “An in experienced GM is tasked with creating a GW store campaign."

Nerviens Tournament 05

Author: Alex Tavernier
Description: “French Annual Warmaster Tournament"

Reunion at Daemon Run

Author: Michael Pike
Description: “BFG Scenario Competition Runner Up."

Issue: 27

Ten Players, One Campaign

Author: Dennis Montera
Description: “Dennis recounts his spring 05 Mordheim camapign, with some brand new scenarios."

Surprise at Lachlon II

Author: Reinout Hubbers
Description: “BFG Scenario Runner Up."

Dog Fight Scenario

Author: Kiel Copeland
Description: “Following on from the recent Dog article, now pit them against each other!"

Issue: 28

The Port Maw Blockade

Author: Alan Jackson
Description: “A new scenario for BFG

Issue: 29

Street Bowl

Author: Ramsey McPherson
Description: “Blood Bowl varient not played in the street not a field."

Double Vision

Author: Ken South
Description: “Ken South explains how to play the game with double the figures."

Scourge of the Rat

Author: Ian Davies
Description: “Mordheim Tournament report from the Portbury Knights"