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Fanatic Online 060-069

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This page is for issues 060 to 069 of Fanatic Online. Fanatic Online is the magazine devoteed to the Specialist Games division of games for Games Workshop. Descriptions are from the official Fanatic Online article descriptions.

Issue: 60

Corpus Auxilla Mechanicus

Author: Robert Grayston
Description: “A closer look at the factions of the Adeptus Mechanicus."

Favoured Concubine

Author: Michael Pike
Description: “Second of the shortlisted BFG Character ship articles."

Thy Soul to Keep pt3

Author: Andy Hall & Nick Kyme
Description: “Part 3 of the UK White Dwarf Mordheim campaign."

Issue: 61

Waterbowl Weekender

Author: Paul Wake
Description: “Event report of the highly sucessful Waterbowl."

Orkhamz Raza

Author: Dick Sy
Description: “Third of the shortlisted BFG Competition entries."

Pit Slaves V2

Author: Andy Chambers & Robert Reiner
Description: “Experimental updated Pit Slave rules."

Issue: 62

The Light Bringer

Author: Andrew Jenkin
Description: “Forth of the shortlisted BFG Competition entries."

Making a Scene

Author: Nigel Stillman
Description: “A venerable article that first appeared in issue 244 of White Dwarf."

Revenge is Eternal

Author: Nick Kyme
Description: “From Town Cryer 22, a Vampire Dramatis Personae, Countess Marianna Chevaux."

Issue: 63

Butlin It Out

Author: Ian Davies
Description: “Report from the Euro GT - one of the largest non-GW Specialist Game events."

Painting Warmaster Armies

Author: Stephan Hess & Graham Davey
Description: “White Dwarf article from way back in WD244."

The Black Avenger

Author: Richard Galvez
Description: “Final shortlisted Battlefleet Gothic comp entry."

Issue: 64

Weather Revisited

Author: Paul Gegg & Allan Young
Description: “House Rules for different Weather systems."

Reaching First Base

Author: Rick Priestley
Description: “An article from WD243, on basing in Warmaster."

Issue: 65

Malleus Mortis

Author: Ruaridh Dall
Description: “A report of the running of an Inquisitor campaign day, and the thought processes that went into planning and designing it."

Shiver Me Timbers

Author: Tim Huckelbery
Description: “From Town Cryer 9. House rules for a Pirate Warband."

Simultaneous Turns

Author: Anders Skov
Description: “House rules for a wacky variant of Blood Bowl."

Issue: 66

The Lucky Sevens

Author: Dave Jakowyszyn
Description: “First of our two Blood Bowl team competition winners."

Slaughter Ball

Author: Ben Isaacs
Description: “Necromunda scenario with a Blood Bowl flavour."

Encampments pt1

Author: Steve Gibbs, Steve Hambrook & Nick Kyme
Description: “From Town Cryer 28, first part of the Encampment house rules."

Issue: 67

Heretic Class Light Curiser

Author: Marcin Gerkowicz
Description: “House rules for a fan-created Chaos Light Cruiser."

Summoning the Muse

Author: Derek Gillespie
Description: “Inspiration for character creation in Inquisitor."

Super Goblin Shindig Squad

Author: Ryan Furlong
Description: “Blood Bowl team competition winner."

Issue: 68

Take the Hulk

Author: Yuber Okami
Description: “A fun, joint Epic and BFG scenario, involving the Orks."

Dark Shadows

Author: Steve Hambrook
Description: “Originally in Warmaster magazine - Dark Shadows rules in Warmaster."

Mordheim Architecture

Author: Nick Davies
Description: “A clssic Mordheim building article from WD238."

Issue: 69

Medusa V

Author: Bob McFarlane
Description: “Playing Inquisitor games in the Medusa V campaign."

Planet Fall

Author: Nick Schindler
Description: “A BFG Medusa V introduction & scenario."

Mordheim Architecture 2

Author: Nigel Stillman
Description: “Another classic Mordheim building article for WD239."