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Firepower (magazine)

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Epic Firepower magazine was a series of supplementary magazines in A5 format for the game Epic 40,000. The magazine started in 1998 and ran for four issues (the first of which contained reprints from Citadel Journal and White Dwarf) until 1999, before being replaced by the Epic 40,000 Magazine and ultimately Fanatic Magazine.


  • Issue 1: Army rules for the Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Mechanicus, Daemonic Legions and Squats, rules amendments, new missions and tactics for flyers, Titan weaponry and upgrades, campaign rules.
  • Issue 2: Army rules for non-codex Astartes, Deathwing, Blood Angels Death Company, War Engines battle honours, Abominatus Emperor-class Chaos titan, Fate cards, Last Stand at Glazers Creek scenario.
  • Issue 3: Army rules for the Ordo Malleus and Genestealer Cults, new units and alternative detachments for the Imperial Guard, Chaos and Orks, rules for the Land Raider patterns, Crash & Burn scenario, Pegasus-class navy assault transport.
  • Issue 4: Additional rules for Ork Clans, Coal Mountain scenario, Tyranids scenarios, Imperial Guard medics, engineers, support vehicles and tunnellers, rules for fortifications.

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