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Guardian's Blade

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The Guardian's Blade is a relic of Death Company of the Blood Angels.[1]

The Guardian’s Blade is a powerful glaive encarmine. This ancient sword was crafted at the height of the Legion’s power, and is said to have once belonged to the personal armoury of Azkaellon himself. After the Legion divided, and Azkaellon vanished from Chapter records, the Guardian’s Blade was passed to only the most worthy heroes of the Blood Angels – until one day its former bearer fell to the Black Rage and died in service as a Lost Brother. After this tragedy, the sword was interred in the Forbidden Armoury and issued in sorrow only to lost heroes of the Death Company. The Guardian’s Blade is famed for its powerful razor-sharp edge, which can cut through the most robust armour in the galaxy. Those foes that face its wielder cannot hope to stop the sword from cutting them down.[1]

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