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Blood Angels Armoury

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The Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter generally utilise the same wargear as other chapters. However they, and their succesor Chapters, do have access to some unique equiment.

General Wargear

Main article: Space Marine Armoury

Blood Angels Wargear


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Sources
Baal's Vengeance Hand Flamer Relic of the Death Company [10]
Angelus boltgun/bolter Bolter Wielded by the Sanguinary Guard [1c]
Axe Mortalis Power axe Wielded by Dante [3]
Archangel's Shard Power Sword
Blood Crozius Master-crafted Crozius Arcanum Wielded by Lemartes [3]
Bloodfist Powered Weapon Dreadnought weapon [1a]
Blood Song Combi-Meltagun Carried by Captain Tycho. [4b]
Bloodstrike Missiles Missile Launcher Launched from Stormraven Gunships
Blood Talons Powered Weapon Furioso Dreadnought weapon [1a]
Decimator Bolt Rifle [11a]
Dreadnought Force Weapon Force Weapon Librarian Dreadnought weapon [1b]
Executioner's Axe Power axe Wielded by Astorath
Fleshrender Grenades Grenade [11]
Figure of Death Crozius Arcanum [11a]
Frag Cannon Furioso Dreadnought weapon [1b]
Fyrestorm Inferno Pistol Relic of the Death Company [10]
Gilded Crozius Crozius Arcanum Relic of the Death Company [10]
Glaive Encarmine Powered Weapon Wielded by the Sanguinary Guard [4c]
Guardian's Blade Powered Weapon Relic of the Death Company [10]
Hammer of Baal Master-crafted Thunder Hammer, Relic Wielded by Karlaen [9]
Heaven's Teeth Chainsword Wielded by Corbulo [4a]
Inferno pistol Melta Weapons [4]
Infernus Melta Weapon
Magna-Grapple Dreadnought weapon [1b]
Moonsilver Blade
Octavio’s Burden Bolter [2a]
Perdition Pistol Melta Weapons Wielded by Dante [3]
Quake Bolts Bolter ammo [11a]
Spear of Telesto Archeotech Wielded by Sanguinius [5]
Staff of Andomatius Force Weapon
Vitarus Force Weapon Wielded by Mephiston [3]


Name Type Notes Sources
Acus Placidus Narthecium Sanguinary Priest item [8]
Aureate Halo Iron Halo Terminator Captain item; Carried by Karlaen [7]
Blood Chalice Chalice Sanguinary Priest item [1d]
Blood Shard Gem Relic of the Death Company [10]
Biomantic Sarcophagus Dreadnought item [11a]
Death Mask Helm [1d][1e]
Exsanguinator Narthecium Sanguinary Priest item [1e]
Icons of the Angel Icon [11]
Blood of Heroes Battle-Brother blood [1d]
Red Grail Chalice Carried by Corbulo [Needs Citation]
Regalia Resplendent Power Armour Worn by Sanguinius
Reliquary Armour Power Armour Relic of the Death Company [10]
Standard of Sacrifice Battle Standard
Winged Jump Pack Astartes Jump Pack [1d][1f]
Wings of Saronath Astartes Jump Pack [2b]
Wrath of Baal Banner [11a]


Name Notes Source
Baal Predator [4]
Baal's Fury Vindicator [6]
Death Company Dreadnought [4]
Furioso Dreadnought [4]
Contemptor-Incaendius Class Dreadnought Heresy-era
Land Raider Angel Infernus
Librarian Dreadnought [4]
Sanguinius Rex Vindicator [6]
Stormraven Gunship [4]
Inferno Pattern Avenger
Zorael's Remembrance Vindicator [6]

Psychic Abilities

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