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Harbinger of Awakening

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Harbinger of Awakening is the title given to a Necron Lord at the head of a Resurrection War Cell.[1]

Harbingers of Awakening in the 41st Millennium

Necron Tombs seldom awaken spontaneously. Indeed, many would lie undisturbed forever if not for tectonic activity, the delving of the younger races, or the action of the Harbinger of Awakening and its Resurrection War Cell. Once a Harbinger of Awakening has awoken, it has but a single function: to travel the stars and awaken other dormant Tomb Worlds. Encoded in the Harbinger's artificial cortex is all the information required to make contact with a dormant tomb and begin its reactivation.[1]

Resurrection War Cell

A Resurrection War Cell is composed of a Harbinger of Awakening and between thirty and fifty Necron Immortals which act as a bodyguard for the Harbinger. The arrival of a Resurrection War Cell on a world spells nothing less than disaster, as it heralds the awakening of a previously-dormant Necron Tomb beneath the world's surface.[1]

Within hours of the War Cell's arrival on the planet, maintenance Scarabs and Tomb Spyders spring into ghastly life and carry out two primary functions. The first of these is to ensure the successful awakening of the slumbering tomb, and the second is to drive away any unwanted life-forms from the tomb site so the awakening can be conducted undisturbed.[1]