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Lexicanum:Image Categories

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Note: Image categories can be subject to multiple parent categories.

Stage 1: Mapping of existing image categories

General remarks:

  1. For a logical approach all Image categories should take the form "Category: Images (Text)

Questions to be considered (in no particular order):

  1. Should category names reprise the whole category path?
  2. Should a uniform naming convention be applied in all cases or only in those cases where there is no unique name?
  3. How should a uniform naming convention look like?
  4. Should categories be created in advance even if at that moment there is no content yet in order to avoid Wild West style category creation?
  5. How can visitors be encouraged to consult image categories?
  6. Do Weapons and Equipment really have to be separate categories or can they be put in one category?

General layout Miniatures:

Category: Images (Background)

Artwork used to illustrate articles.

Images ()

Category: Images (Other)

Product and GW-related photos

Subcategories for races

Category: Images (Lexicanum)

Lexicanum system images