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Macro-Haulers are huge multi-wheeled or tracked vehicle transports that disperse cargoes and perishables in many of the Imperium's Hive cities, which are honeycombed with vast and labyrinthine networks of roadways, overpasses, and transit tunnels known as arteria. These transport vehicles are tens of metres tall and a hundred or more long and look like conveyance warehouses on the move; they more than deserve their common nickname of "thunderers". Some even act as mobile processing facilities while others are said to never stop — their containers are unloaded on the move. Some Macro-Haulers are further outfitted for hazardous duty to operate in polluted wastelands and have sealed compartments with life-support or air filtration systems and airlocks as a standard. They are also uncommonly powerful, and come heavily armed and armoured, capable of carrying six gunners manning heavy weapons, which makes them more than capable of defending themselves from the jack-crews that can infest the lawless regions of a Hive's arteria network.[1]