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Tallarn Rough Rider on a Mukaali[2]

Mukaali are a type of xenos utilized by Tallarn Desert Raiders Rough Riders. Sometimes locally reffered as 'Sand Pacers' these are desert-dwelling herbivores, used as large mounts, and are indigenous to the Desert World of Goru-Prime. Tallarn has an agreement with Goru-Prime to import thousands of Mukaali every ten years. Mukaali are capable of living for long periods of times without food or water, but conversely have very poor tolerance to cold climates. Their thick hides generally have a mottled blue/grey colouring, running to a brown/pink underbelly. Trained Mukaali are somewhat dim-witted but well-tempered and placid creatures, lacking any natural aggression - even males can't fight and, when faced with danger unmounted, Mukaali always flee.[1]

The main advantage of a Mukaali over a horse is its exceptional endurance and load bearing capability. Their feet are specifically adapted to move over sand at high speeds, and possess large, soft pads which help to spread their weight to avoid sinking in soft sand. Because of these evolutionary advantages, Mukaali-mounted Rough Rider squadrons can range further afield and carry more equipment than a horse-mounted squadron.[1]

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