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Nao'Sak'Oraes Missile Cruiser

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The Nao'Sak'Oraes class missile cruiser was a type of vessel used by the Tau Empire.


These cruisers are a new, experimental missile vessel designed to provide long range fire support for the Tau Fleets. Only a few were constructed after successful trials, and since then these missile cruisers have been attached to fleets in order to test their effectiveness in battlefield conditions.

The Nao'Sak'Oraes are highly advanced and automated light cruisers that are armed with dozens of missile racks that serve as its primary weaponry. Typical Tau tactics involve placing the vessel in the second line, where it pummels and overwhelms its enemy with deadly missile fire. However, this means that these starships are quite expensive to maintain, as 40% of their hull contains stockpiles of ammo, automatic transport devices and reloaders. The addition of drones and AI's does allow for a reduced crew even among the Tau fleets, which helps lessen the strain on supply lines.

While initial tests have been favourable, it is unlikely that these missile cruisers will be a common sight among the Tau fleets due to their voracious ordnance requirements, which makes it difficult to keep such vessels in states of combat readiness.

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