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The Polypsykana is a faction within the Inquisition, consisting of like-minded Radical Inquisitors in the Calixian Conclave who believe in the ascension of Humanity into a purely psychic race.


They believe that they themselves must serve as guardians and guide Mankind down this path of transformation. This way of thinking is not unique to the Calixis Sector or to the Imperium in its long history, as similar thoughts have appeared in the past. The Inquisitors of the Polypsykana believe that the metamorphosis is inevitable so long as attempts are not made in preventing it from happening. This is most likely to happen from other Inquisitors who see psykers as witches and abominations that need to be purged which necessitates the involvement of the Polypsykana Inquisitors.[1]

These Inquisitors and their agents seek out as well as protect psykers from firebrands that are intent on the destruction of such individuals. This is more so the case in the Calixis Sector which sees a higher number of Humans born with psychic talents and is attributed to the influence of the Tyrant Star. As such, Polypsykana Inquisitors are ever vigilant for seeking any nascent psykers within a sector population and spend considerable resources in accomplishing this task. Any that are found are quickly moved to safety before they are burned at the stake. This is not the only act conducted by this Radical faction as agents of the Polypsykana are also known to find means in hastening the psychic awakening of Mankind. Such an act is accomplished through eugenic techniques as well as the use of powerful psy-active drugs.[1]