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Scions of Elysia (Audio Drama)

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Scions of Elysia
Author Chris Dows[1]
Performer John Banks[1]
Publisher Black Library
Released June 2017
Collected in Heroes of the Astra Militarum
Length 57 minutes

Scions of Elysia is an Audio Drama released by Black Library Publishing

Cover Description[1]

The Elysian Drop Troops are famed throughout the Astra Militarum for their rapid deployment tactics, utter fearlessness and expertise at grav-chute assaults. The 158th Elysian are once such regiment, ordered to pacify piratical warbands at large in their native system. But as the campaign commences, disaster strikes, the regiment's inexperienced and arrogant captain the cause. Only through the ingenuity of Sergeant Zachariah is a victory salvaged, but at a terrible cost.

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