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Sect Missionarius Mechanicus

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The Sect Missionarius Mechanicus are unusual Adeptus Mechanicus organizations, that convert Imperial citizens into the worship of the Omnissiah and lead them into joining the Mechanicus.[1a]

They believe that the worship of the Omnissiah must be increased and that by doing so, the awareness of the Great Work will spread. This Great Work entails that the only route for Mankind to reach salvation, is by improving the mind and body through the acquisition of knowledge the Omnissiah provides. Members of the Missionarius truly believe it is their duty to help their fellow Humans avoid damnation and they work to bring non-believers into the glorious light of technology[1b]. However as the Adeptus Mechanicus is self-contained, it does not believe in the Sect Missionarius' work of bringing outsiders into the Omnissiah's fold. As a result of this, the Missionarius' converts tend not to be welcomed or embraced by most members of the Mechanicus.[1a]

Known Sects