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T'ros,[1f] formerly known as Taros (official name - Taros II), is the second of four planets orbiting the star at the centre of the Taros System and is an arid desert world.[1a]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map unknown.jpg Name T'ros Unknown.jpg Taros.jpg
Expansion: Third
Location: Eastern Fringe Unknown.jpg
Colours: Unknown

Enclave Info

The most recent Imperial records show a population of approximatly 12,000,000 Gue'vesa (humans) and abhumans.[1a]

The largest population density can be found in and around the city of Tarokeen (population - 4'000'000 citizens before the Taros Campaign).[1a] - the only city of the planet.[1g]

Planetary Data

  • Size — equatorial distance: 16,000 miles
  • Gravity — 0.96G[1a]
  • Rotation Speed — 1,200 mph[1a]
  • Average Temperature — from 35°C (coastal sea region) to 50°C (the deep deserts).[1a]
  • Sattelites — two moons[1a]


Bare rock and shifting sands cover 95% of the planet's surface. Mountains cover 40% of the planet's surface and mainly unexplored and uninhabited. Great Sand Seas — also uninhabited and unexplored mainly because of high tempreature and harsh large sandstroms called "Sand Devils". Two small land seas of the planet are called Ak-Sai and Em-Sai and were presumably created as part of the terraforming of the planet during the Dark Age of Technology. These seas constitute the main source of water for the inhabitants and near them located the main settlements of hydro-farmers. Although water in seas is highly alkaline, seas still gives about two thirds of the water supply from hydro-processing. The largest settlement of the planet, and its capital - Tarokeen located near the small seas in the Aestus region.[1a]

Other Geographic Features

  • Tungusta Station (mining settlement, Aegis Region)[1a]
  • Fornax (mining settlement, Aegis Region)[1a]
  • Tyndaris (mining settlement, Aegis Region)[1a]
  • Gaidamak (mining settlement, Aegis Region)[1a]
  • Sarych Station (mining settlement, Aegis Region)[1a]
  • Deucalion (mining settlement, Aegis Region)[1a]
  • Erebus (mining settlement, Aegis Region)[1a]
  • Iracunda Isthmus - the strip of land between the seas of Ak-Sai and Em-Sai. Major city Tarokeen is located there. This is a part of hinterland of Tarokeen and is the most densely populated area on the planet.[1a]
  • Great Sand Sea - unpopulated great deserts of the planet.[1a]
  • The Furnace - An area of especially hot deserts surrounded by mountains from all sides. The highest temperatures on Taros are registered there.[1a]
  • The Phyyra Heights - rocky badlands with a bandits roaming the wilds. Rumored to be rich mineral deposits here.[1a]

Ore and Minerals

The main ore and minerals mined on the planet are vanadium, rhenium, manganese, lead and cobalt. They constitute the principle exports of the planet.[1a]

Flora and Fauna

No native flora. During the Dark Age of Technology genetically engineered flora has been imported, as scrub and cactus-like plains. The sea contains toxic algi. No recorded native fauna on the planet.[1a]

The main source of food for the inhabitants of the planet is the production of hydro-farms, provided highly nutrious grain and groundnuts. Other sources protein and vitamins come from algi and marine micro-organisms, harvested from the seas and additionally processed to make a so-called Kreml - an edible gruel.[1a]


Imperial History

T'ros was originally an Imperial mining world called Taros. Supposedly it was found and terraformed by humans during the Dark Age of Technology, creating seas and eco-system where human could survive, a process that took five thousand years. Next time Taros appeared in Imperial archives in M30 after the Age of Strife. Local mankind tribes at this moment were degenerated into a stone-age, savage tribe constituted less then one million people. The mineral wealth of the planet was re-discovered so the colonization started. Local regressed humans were exterminated and over the next 10'000 years population on the planet has steadily grown to the pre-Taros Campaign level of 12 million people.[1a]


In M38 several thousands of Ogryns were brought to the planet of Taros, transferred from their main planet — Jopall. Ogryns presumably worked on the ore transportation systems. The last census some 400 years ago estimated a Ogryn’s population of nearly 10,000 individuals.[1a]

Known Taronian Regiments

It is known that in the 10'000 years of Imperial history, Taros has raised eight Imperial Guard regiments:[1a]

Conflict with Tau and The Tau Period of History

Taros was gradually inclined to cooperate by Tau,[1b] which led in turn to the events of the Taros Campaign. Based on the dates it is presumed to be a Tau Third Phase Expansion colony.[1c]

Taros Campaign

998 M41[1c] — The Taros Campaign pitched Imperial Forces against the Taros Planetary Defence Forces (PDF), the Tau, and their Kroot mercenary allies in an attempt to reclaim the planet in the name of the Emperor.[1d] This culminated in a large scale invasion including fleet actions within the Taros System.[1e] However in the end Imperial forces were forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses. Since that Taros was renamed into T'ros and became a tau colony.[1f]

Renewed War

In M42, the Imperium launched a renewed effort to reclaim Taros.[2]

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