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Template:Warning Message

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This is the {{Warning Message}} meta-template.

This meta-template is a quick boilerplate for all the content issues templates.


Simple usage example:
{{Warning Message|text=Write message here}}

Complex example:

{{Warning Message
| type       = style
| small      = yes
| image      = [[File:Eldar.png|25px]]
| text       = Eldrad messed up the article again!
| edit       =


List of all parameters:

{{Warning Message
| type  = *Omit* (defaults to content) /speedy / delete / content / style / notice / move / protection
| image = *Omit* (defaults to [[File:ServiceImage.jpg|50px]]) / none / [[File:Some image.svg|40px]]
| text  = The message body text.
| edit  = *Omit* / *Empty*
| break = *Omit* / *Empty*
| small = *Omit* / {{{small|}}} / yes


If no type parameter is given the template defaults to type content. That means it gets an orange coloring.


No parameter = If no image parameter is given the template uses this default image ServiceImage.jpg.
An image = Should be an image with usual wiki notation. 40px - 50px width are usually about right depending on the image height to width ratio. (Images over 52 pixels width will cause padding problems.) For example:
image = [[File:Unbalanced scales.svg|40px]]
none = Means that no image is used.
blank = This parameter is now deprecated. If you see it in use, change it to "image=none".


The message body text.


No parameter = If no edit parameter is given the template will provide the automatic message prompting the user to edit the page and fix the error.
blank = A blank parameter will remove the edit link.


Only relevant if there's no edit parameter.
No parameter = If no break parameter is given a line break will be introduced between the text message and the edit message.
blank = A blank parameter will put both messages on the same line.


The small article message boxes are meant for the top of sections. Normally they should only contain one or two lines of text.
yes = Makes it a smaller left aligned message box (right aligned when used in template pages).
small = {{{small|}}}