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The Art of Provocation (Audio Drama)

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The Art of Provocation
Cover art
Author Josh Reynolds
Performer John Banks, Jonathan Keeble, Toby Longworth
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Released December 2016
Collected in Champions of the Eternal War
Lords of Fenris

The Art of Provocation is an audio drama by Josh Reynolds.

Cover Description[1]

Amongst the Space Wolves, the name of Lukas the Trickster is as much a curse as anything in the old tongues of Fenris. Named Jackalwolf by his masters, none of whom wish his dubious fealty, he now plays a dangerous game with the hordes of orks massing on Polix Tertius. Risking the ire of Wolf Lord Kjarl Grimblood, as well as the blades of his xenos foes, he turns his attentions to the planetary vox-communications network, and begins to broadcast...

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