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The Patient Hunter (Short Story)

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The Patient Hunter
Cover art
Author Joe Parrino
Publisher Black Library
Released 2013
Collected in Shas'o (Anthology)
Editions April 2013 e-book
ISBN 9781782510628

The Patient Hunter is a short story by Joe Parrino. It was published online in April 2013.

Cover Description

The hunt has begun. On the gue’la world of Halfus, Shas'vre Fal'shia Bas'reh Valel pilots his Riptide battlesuit against the might of an Adeptus Mechanicus armoured division. With over fifty battle tanks of the Imperium seeking his destruction, the odds are not in Vre'Valel's favour. But the Riptide is the pinnacle of tau technology and Vre'Valel is a master of the kauyon – the doctrine of the Patient Hunter. Victory will be his, for the Greater Good.


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