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The Way Out (Audio Drama)

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The Way Out
Author Rachel Harrison
Performer Grace Andrews, Steve Conlin, Matthew Hunt, Jonathan Keeble, Carla Mendonca, Colleen Prendergast, David Seddon, David Sibley
Publisher Black Library
Series Warhammer Horror
Released May 2019
Length Part One: 21 minutes 32 seconds
Part Two: 27 minutes 39 seconds
Part Three: 27 minutes 35 seconds

The Way Out is a three-part Warhammer Horror audio drama by Rachel Harrison.

Cover Description

Part One:[1]

When the Fortune's Favour drops from the warp with no warning, its captain, Karina Arq, wants to know why. Devoid of answers, and unable to return to the immaterium, she and her crew seek a port at which to make repairs – so the aptly named watch station Refuge seems sent by the Emperor Himself... But things are never so simple...

Part Two:[2]

Bestilled and cut off from the warp, Captain Karina Arq and the crew of the Fortune's Favour have found salvation... or so it seems. The watch station Refuge may yet prove its name to be dangerously ironic. For something on the station doesn't want to see them board, and if they do, it may not allow them to survive the experience...

Part Three:[3]

In the depths of the watch station Refuge, Captain Karina Arq and the crew of the Fortune's Favour have found something... unusual. Something monstrous haunts the depths of the station, something that knows the crew and their deepest fears... and can bring them to the surface. As horror envelops them, they begin to doubt they can make it through this experience alive... or sane.