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Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:Behaviour guidelines

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The Netiquette and rules of common sense and courtesy should be applied.

This includes but is not limited to the following rules (adapted from "What is netiquette?"):

  • Refrain from personal abuse. You may express robust disagreement with what someone says, but don't call them names or threaten them with personal violence. Abusive behaviour, vandalism, threats etc. will not be tolerated.
  • Don't spam. That is, don't post advertisements for products or services.
  • Write clearly and succinctly. On a site that has many non-native English speakers, avoid using slang they may not understand. Remember that your posts are public. They can be read by your partner, your children, your parents, or your employer.
  • Stay on-topic, especially when you're new.
  • Don't expect other people to do your homework for you. If you are for example looking for technical help don't ask questions you could easily answer yourself by reading the manual or online help provided. When you do ask for help, include details of what attempts you've made to solve the problem. It will save time and also show people that you are making an effort to help yourself.
  • Do not post verbatim copies or copyrighted material without the correct disclaimers or to which you do not own the rights.
  • Do not post material that may promote hate speech, discrimination, violence etc.
  • Do not claim or think to have powers and rights that you do not have. Normal users should never try to "take the law into their own hands". If a user for example feels that there are problems with another user he should inform a Lexicanum Administrator (also known as Sysop) or Bureaucrat. Should an Administrator face problems that require powers or input beyond his level of authority he should contact a Bureaucrat.
  • The site's owner, assisted by one or more a Lexicanum Administrators or Bureaucrats, has the final say in enforcing the rules.