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Grotwrench.jpg Attention Adept of the LEXICANUM!

This article is being created or revised.
Please consider this before you edit this text!

Every user of and every contribution to the Lexicanum is subject to the following rules. Make sure you have read and understood them!


§ 1: Usernames

Abusive or misleading usernames are not allowed.

§ 2: User pages

Every active user of the Lexicanum is granted the right to present himself or his work on his user page, however certain rules have to be obeyed:

  • § 2.1: The user has to contribute to the regular Lexicanum pages in order to have the right to use the Lexicanum's webspace for their own work. These contributions have to be made on a regular basis if the user page is continually updated. This means that it is not sufficient to contribute a bit in the beginning as an alibi and then just use the user page for the promotion of one's own material.
  • § 2.2: Illegal and abusive material is forbidden on user pages (as everywhere else in Lexicanum).
  • § 2.3: Don't make excessive use of pictures that are not used in regular Lexicanum articles as the webspace available is not meant for hosting your private picture galleries.
  • § 2.4: Don't use pictures that are not created by yourself without expressive permission of the creator(s).
  • § 2.5: Don't put links to external websites on your user page if the external page is illegal, abusive or breaches someone's copyright or intellectual property guidelines.

§ 3: General behaviour

Every user of the Lexicanum has to respect the Netiquette in order to maintain agreeable working conditions. Especially the following rules should strictly be observed:

  • § 3.1: Trolling is not allowed.
  • § 3.2: Flaming is not allowed.
  • § 3.3: Netspeak and excessive use of abbreviations are not allowed.

§ 4: Use of "Talk pages"

  • § 4.1: The talk page of an article is reserved for disccussing issues directly related to the article itself. This is not the place to start a chat about one's favorite topic or to ask about things. The Lexicanum is an encyclopedia and not a chat room or a forum. Everything not directly related to the contributions in the Lexicanum has no place here.
  • § 4.2: Every comment on a talk (or user talk) page has to be signed by the author of the comment by inserting --~~~~ or by using the corresponding button in the menu. Please observe that these signatures only are used on talk (and user talk) pages and not on the article pages.

§ 5: Contributions

For general information on how to contribute see here.

  • § 5.1: If you are new to the Lexicanum (or wiki work in general) or if you are not sure how certain functions are used or will look like in the end use the Immaterium. This is the Lexicanum's testing ground.
  • § 5.2: If you have questions regarding how to do certain things ask! Better to know how things are to be done before messing up a page.
  • § 5.3: Every change (apart from orthography or grammar) and every addition of material has to be marked with a proper source within the article (see Template:Howtosource|here). Any change or addition without a source will be removed. Especially the following points are to be observed:
    • § 5.3.1: Fanfluff, fanfiction, rumours, messages and non-official sources and websites do not qualify as proper sources.
    • § 5.3.2: Include the page number(s) of the publication(s) you are referring to.
    • § 5.3.3: Every paragraph has to be marked with the corresponding footnote. If a paragraph contains information taken from different sources the corresponding sentences have to be marked with the correct footnote (not the whole paragraph with multiple footnotes at its end).
    • § 5.3.4: Don't refer to sources that have not yet been published. As such information can not be verified it will be treated as made-up.
  • § 5.4: When creating new articles the naming conventions are to be respected.
  • § 5.5: The use of abbreviations within an article (with the exception of the most common ones) is not allowed.
  • § 5.6: Articles are to be written from an unbiased, objective (as far as possible) and omni-scient point of view.
  • § 5.7: It is not allowed to include rules, point costs, wargear options, doctrines, chapter traits, army lists etc.