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The Lexicanum is an encyclopedia about the two universes of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy and is available in three languages. Interlexicanum links are used to connect the different Lexicanum projects.

Internal linking

It is possible to create an internal link in an article that leads to a different Lexicanum. Each Lexicanum has its own code, all of which are listed here:


Warhammer 40.000 German


Warhammer German


Warhammer 40.000 English


Warhammer English


Warhammer 40.000 French


Warhammer French

  • Example 1:

The link to the German article for Horus looks like this:
[[lex_de_wh40k:Horus|Horus]] - Horus

  • Example 2:

The link to the English article about Vampires in the Warhammer Fantasy setting looks like this:
[[lex_en_whfb:Vampire|Vampire]] - Vampire

Interwiki links

Interwiki links are used to link to a corresponding article in another language. In principle every article should have an interwiki link to a different language. The interwiki links do not appear in the article; instead they are shown on the left side of the page in the menu box "In other languages".

To create interwiki links, the following codes are used:


Warhammer 40.000 German


Warhammer 40.000 English


Warhammer 40.000 French

The codes that link to the German and French versions of this page look like this: