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The Navigation button Recent changes gives you access to a list of the most recent edits made to pages in the Lexicanum. Using this page, you can for example monitor and review the latest contributions, discover and correct mistakes and spot and revert vandalism.

The Recent changes button

You can access this Special page either by clicking on the corresponding Navigation button to your left (see above) - or via the Special pages tools overview, subsection Recent changes and logs. Another option is to simply click here.

Related changes tool in the Special pages tools overview

The Legend (see screenshot below) gives more details about specific kinds or the nature of edits. This includes:

  • N: this edit created a new page
  • m: this is a minor edit
  • b: this edit was performed by a bot
  • !: this edit has not yet been patrolled
  • (±123): this tells you the change in the page size in number of bytes


Options can be set to filter and display recent changes according to the preferred criteria.

The Recent changes start screen

You can change the following parameters to change the Recent changes that you can see on this page:

  • number of recent edits
  • space of time of recent edits
  • show or hide edits made by specific user groups or of a specific nature
  • choose the Namespace in which edits were made - this selection can also be inverted by checking the corresponding field.

From an end user point of view the other options on this page are of little interest and will therefore not be covered here.