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A Revision ID is a unique identifier for every historical revision of a page in the Lexicanum. You can find the Revision ID from the history of the page. Click the date and time link of any entry in the Revision history list, and when the page for that entry is displayed, the URL at the top of the screen in your browser will show the Revision ID at the end of the line after the "=" sign.


The objective is to find the Revision ID for an older page version of the article Thoren.

Step: Navigate to the article in question and click on the tab at the top marked "History".

Article page of Thoren
Click on the "History" tab at the top

Now you will see the Revision history of the article.

Click on the date of the revision that you want

After clicking on the corresponding date you will be brought to the specific version you have selected.

The selected revision is displayed

In the URL of your browser you can now find the wanted Revision ID (see below).

The Revision ID in the URL

So the Revision ID you were searching for is: 297866.