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Wiki attitudes

The Wiki principle encourages friendly discussion of ideas with each other. Naturally, there are several areas of conflict and controversy but members of the Lexicanum community are expected to behave as civilised people.

It is most important to proceed with only good will towards the other people and not that you are correct and that they are wrong. If someone annoys you, write a polite comment on the article discussion page or user page asking their reasons. Often you will find this way you can avoid a conflict or misunderstanding.

Neutral Point of View

An important basic rule in Lexicanum is to have a "neutral point of view". It is therefore meant that all relevent material is accepted regarding a topic. This helps to allow an article to show all sides of the arguement. Our goal is to be informative, not to try to change people's minds towards our own views. Often both sides are convinced that their view is correct, but in Lexicanum both sides are represented.


Please do not copy straight from other web pages and protected works without permission of the owners. The best articles are often written by people who know the subject well or who are using several sources of information.

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