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A User page is the personal page of a registered Lexicanum user. You reach it by clicking on your user name in the right upper part of your screen or by linking to it like this: [[User:User name]]. This is also the page people will be directed to when they click on your user name in a user signature.


The User page offers a user the possibility to present himself/ herself or his/ her hobby-related projects. This service is reserved for active users and contributors of the Lexicanum. You are not allowed to use up our webspace if you are not involved in the project.

What the User page can be used for

  • Writing about yourself.
  • Writing about your hobby-related projects or about aspects of the hobby you consider interesting.
  • Writing about your work in the Lexicanum.
  • Organizing your work in the Lexicanum (memos to yourself, intermediate storage of texts you are currently writing, notes, etc.)

What the User page can not be used for

  • Discussions. If you have a question for a user or wish to discuss issues with him/ her, the correct place is the User talk page. The User page should only be editted by the corresponding user himself/ herself, not by other users (necessary interventions by staff excluded).
  • Not hobby-related projects.
  • A replacement homepage. You cannot misuse Lexicanum webspace for hosting a personal homepage.
  • Permanent storage. If a Lexicanum Administrator or a Bureaucrat decides to delete items or even the whole User page for whatever reason your data is gone, so do not consider your User page a web storage or hosting service.
  • Excessive hosting of media or other files.
  • Anything illegal or inflammatory.
  • Commercial purposes.

Violations of these rules will lead to an intervention by a Lexicanum Administrator or a Bureaucrat and the removal of specific items from the User page. In drastic cases even the whole User page can be deleted and the offending user be banned.