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White Dwarf 394 (UK)

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White Dwarf 394
Editorial Jes Bickham, Andrew Kenrick, Adam Troke, Daniel Harden, Glenn More, Bethan Beynon-Hughes, Matthew Hutson, Kristian Shield, Erik Niemz
Released October 2012
Preceded by White Dwarf 393
Followed by White Dwarf 395


New releases, p.4

Full release listing, p.48

Army of the month, p.52

Jervis Johnson, p.58

Battle Report, p.60

The Rivals, p.76

The Horus Heresy, p.82

Blanchitsu, p.90

Citadel Hall of Fame, p.94

Parade Ground, p.96

Kit Bash, p.102

Battleground, p.106

Paint Splatter, p.112

Jeremy Vetock, p.118

Local events, p.121

Where to buy, p.125

This month in..., p.137

White Dwarf
The Design Studio
Forge World
Black Library

October hobby calender, p.153

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