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Xenos War

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The Xenos War was a spillover conflict of the Octarian War.[1]

A Genestealer Cult rose in the shadows of the Octarius Sector’s Scrapworld Dakka. The Orks of Mount Mekaniak were impressed by the massive gargant Clawbeast, a purple monstrosity of beaten metal built with six limbs. When the Vostroyan Firstborn descend to kill the planet’s ruler, Gurnmek of the Iron Fist, Clawbeast is deployed to terrifying effect. The Vostroyans send in whole companies of Devil Dog tanks to carve up the gargant, and succeeded in stopping it in its tracks – until the gargant’s great belly hinged open, spilling hundreds of Genestealers into the ranks of the Imperial Guard. They tore open the tanks and feasted on those within.[1]