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Araezon was a past Sanguinary Priest of the Blood Angels Chapter's 10th Company and was its surgeon who turned Aspirants into Neophytes[1a], during the Insanguination ritual.[1c]


In 456.M40, he and the Chaplain Malafael oversaw the Blood Angels' Aspirant trials on Baal Secundus. Once the selection process was complete[1a], they escorted the successful Aspirants, which included a young Luis Dante, to Baal Secundus' Place of Challenge to undergo further testing. These Aspirants would be mixed together with those from Baal Primus[1b] and those who successfully passed would undergo the Blood Angels' Insanguination ritual[1c]. Araezon oversaw this process[1a] and a year later, he greeted Dante and the other survivors who emerged from their Sacrophagi as Blood Angels Neophytes. Even though the process was now complete, Araezon still checked on the Neophyes' health and advised them to come see him if they had any ailments.[1d]

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