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Baal Secundus

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Map Basic Data Lunar Image
Small cross.pngBaal
Name: Baal Secundus BaalSecundus.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: not stated
System: Baal System
Primary: Baal
Population: not stated
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Moon, Death World[5]
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non

Baal Secundus is one of the twin moons which orbit Baal. Approximately 1/3rd the size of Terra,[5] the moon is highly irradiated due to tremendous weaponry being used during the Dark Age of Technology, including viral and nuclear devices. The majority of the Baal Systems population dwells on Baal Secundus.[5]

The local name for Baal Secundus, at least around the settlement of Angel's Fall, is Baalfora.[2a]


Existing alongside Baal Primus, during the Dark Age of Technology Baal along with its two moons were isolated by Warp Storms. During this period Baalite civilization survived, and when the storms lifted a golden age began that saw the worlds flourish. However at the onset of the Age of Strife Baal and its moons were isolated once more, and famine ensued. Baal Secundus demanded that they, the more populous world, be granted the protection of the orbital facilities of Baal Primus and that the moon be evacuated. Baal Primus refused, and in the ensuing war the orbital somehow crashed into its surface, devastating it. At the same time, Baal Secundus was ravaged by Nuclear and biological weapons. The apocalypse saw the population degenerate into sickly nomads until the arrival of Sanguinius millennia later.[2c]

Baal Secundus was the world on which Sanguinius fell and is badly irradiated, killing anyone unprotected in seconds. The Blood, who found Sanguinius, took him in because he was so perfectly formed, even when subjected to the immense radiation of the world's deserts. Sanguinius would successfully lead the pure tribesmen of Baal Secundus (dubbed "The Blood") against the Mutant hordes of the moon. The moon later became part of the Blood Angels Legion homeworld alongside Baal and Baal Primus.[4]

During the Devastation of Baal, Baal Secundus was heavily infested by Tyranids and largely drained of whatever life it had. Roboute Guilliman diverted significant resources for the reconstruction of Baal and its moons.[3]

Flora and Fauna


  • Angel's Fall — the cliff at which Sanguinius was found and subsequent trials are performed for joining the Blood Angels. Today it is the site of Baal Secundus' largest settlement. Few outsiders are allowed to this site, and it is a pilgrimage location for many Baalites. The city is home to a massive cathedral and statue to Sanguinius.[5]
  • Angel's Leap[2b]
  • Kemrender[2b]
  • Mount Seraph — mountain in which a natural amphitheatre had been carved.
  • Necklase — great rift, stretching all over the moon, representing the place of collision of the war orbital station with the moon in the ancient times of civil war between two Baal's moons.[2c]
    • Fellholme — place inside the wrecks of orbital station, where the true history of ancient civil conflict between Baal Primus and Baal Secundus are written.[2c]
  • Sell Town[2b]
  • The Great Salt Waste[1]

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