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Battle Group Hephaestus

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Battle Group Hephaestus was part of Indomitus Crusade Fleet Tertius and its first major engagement was the Battle of Machorta Sound.[1]

During that campaign, the Battle Group was charged with retaking the Fomor System from the Crusade of Slaughter, while the main Fleet of Tertius engaged the bulk of the Heretics elsewhere. Once the Crusade of Slaughter was defeated, the Battle Group left to follow Tertius as the Fleet traveled to its next campaign.[1]

Known Members

Senior Battle Group Command Staff

Military Assets

Astra Militarum

Imperial Knights

Sisters of Battle

Adeptus Mechanicus

Space Marines

Organization of Battlegroup Hephaestus

Naval Assets

Imperial Navy

Space Marines

Adeptus Mechanicus

Sisters of Battle


  • REDACTED - 1 Inquisitorial warship of REDACTED class[1]

Known Battles