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Indomitus Crusade Fleet Primus

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The course of Fleet Primus, Secundus, and Fleet Tertius[5c]

Indomitus Crusade Fleet Primus was one of the Battlefleets assembled for the Imperium's Indomitus Crusade.[1] It was led by Roboute Guilliman himself as well as Belisarius Cawl.[2]


Fleet Primus was the third fleet to depart on the Indomitus Crusade.[2]The Fleet contained the largest number of Primaris Greyshields and had Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl amongst its personnel. After it launched, Primus was noted for diverging into several spearheads, that further fractured as they spread out from Terra.[1]

Much of Fleet Primus’ initial efforts were angled towards the Segmentum Solar, for countless threats were to be found upon Terra’s very threshold. Its earliest major victory came at the Battle of Gathalamor where Custodes forces under Tribune Colquan proved decisive.[5a] Yet this focus on Segmentum Solar was not true of all the fleet’s battle groups. Some were charged instead with pushing outwards into the deeper dark of the war-torn Imperium Sanctus. Each was assigned a quest deemed vital to the overall success of the Indomitus Crusade, and to Roboute Guilliman’s overall aim of shoring up and making safe the Imperium Sanctus. Many of the battle groups of Fleet Primus faced perils unleashed by the opening of the Great Rift. Warp plagues, mutants, Chaos Space Marine invasions, and mass uprisings were all dangers encountered by Fleet Primus’ battle groups as they pushed outward from the Sol System.[2]

Battle Group Kallides moved into the Nephilim Sub-Sector, where they encountered the vast Necron Pariah Nexus. The resulting Pariah Crusade turned into a major front which had several sub-theatres such as the Argovon Campaign.[4]

Several years later during the Plague Wars Fleet Primus would be Guilliman's speartip during the attack on Iax.[8]

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