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Battle for Bane's Landing

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The Battle for Bane's Landing[4]

The Battle for Bane's Landing was a battle between the Dark Angels and Crimson Slaughter in 884999.M41.[1][2]


Ever since the Crimson Slaughter under Kranon the Relentless had massacred many members of the Dark Angels' Fifth Company, including Company Master Zadakiel, the Chapter had sworn vengeance against the damned Chaos Space Marines. After many years of hunting and following in the aftermath of the Crimson Slaughter's bloody rampages throughout the southern galaxy, the Dark Angels finally succeeded in bringing the Crimson Slaughter to battle on the sparsely populated world of Bane's Landing. The Crimson Slaughter had arrived on the world in search of the Hellfire Stone, but instead were confronted by the vengeful Dark Angels.[1] In the ensuing bloody and difficult battle, The Crimson Slaughter was defeated and their lord, Kranon the Relentless, was forced to flee the planet.[3]


Balthasar pursued the Crimson Slaughter, eventually running Kranon to ground on an unnamed moon, where the Chaos Lord was finally defeated and had his head taken as a trophy by the Dark Angels.[3]