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Battle of the Sokar Gate

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The Battle of the Sokar Gate was the Necrons' last battle against the C'tan, in the War in Heaven[1a] and it ended with the death of the Star God Llandu'gor.[1b]


Before the battle began at Sokar Gate, the last Silent King, Szarekh, ordered the Phaerons of 5 Necron Dynasties to aid him. They were also tasked with bringing their finest weapons and forces to fight[1a] Llandu'gor[1b]. Szarekh had also tasked the Cryptek Mentep with creating weaponry to destroy the C'tan, which he witnessed being wielded by the Ithakas Dynasty warship Akrops during the battle[1d]. While the Necrons were victorious, Llandu'gor cursed them with the Flayer Virus before he died, which soon began to infect their species[1b]. Afterwards, the few survivors of the battle returned to their Dynasties, but they had sworn not reveal what had occurred to anyone. Of those who took part, though, the Ithakas Dynasty's Phaeron, Unnas[1a], who had commanded the Akrops[1d], was said to have been left a former shell of himself.[1a]

Eventually each Phaeron who took part in the battle would later be struck with misfortune, which caused their deaths and brought ruin to their Dynasties. Unnas would be the last Phaeron to die[1a] and the Cryptek Mentep was so horrified by the part he played in unleashing the Flayer Virus, that he erased his memory of the battle[1b]. Now only the Silent King Szarekh knows what truly occurred at Sokar Gate[1a]. Despite the erasure of his memory, however, Mentep still had a vague recollection of the battle. Because of this, he knew he aided in cursing the Necrons and the guilt ridden Cryptek began searching for a cure[1b]. Thanks to Szarekh's actions, though, the truth of what occurred at the Battle of the Sokar Gate is unknown to the majority of Necrons. The few details readily known to the species' upper echelons, is that the Silent King led 5 Dynasties in the last battle against the C'tan.[1a]